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The Seasons of Elsewhen

Five novels set on the sentient World of Amedia

"(Summer Apprentice is a) well written intro to a magic series... I look forward to the rest of the series."  
- Walter Daniels

Covers by Kat Martin! Check out Kat’s other work on her website: http://katmartin.net/

Humans newly come to the World of Amedia were astonished to learn that the planet was sentient. They were devastated when that sentience declared the air, which seemed so fresh and wonderful, to be far too rich in the element oxygen for those technologies on which humans relied to be safe.
Technology, Amedia told them, was forbidden.
The World then offered an alternative: a genetic condition existed in a small portion of the newly arrived population that would allow them access to unique fields of power naturally generated by Amedia. This power could provide an interim solution for many of the needs that their technology had filled.
Five thousand years later, Amedia has remade its environment and is ready for humanity to take up technology once more. But how do you induce people to take up hammers when they’ve come to know Magic?

The Summer Apprentice

The Fall of Magic

The Winter Chill

The First, Second, and
Third Seasons of Elsewhen

The Spring of Storms

Summer Redux
(the Final season)

available NOW

The PsiFinder trilogy:

        Christina Amies is Psionic, which means she can (among other things) distance view (leave her body), read emotions, and manipulate things with just her mind. She specializes in finding what is lost — anything from keys to people — via A&L Locating Service, a business she runs with her best friend Bill Lemley and her “little sister,” Annie Pitts.
Then her world turns upside-down when a relic she’s hired to find turnes out to be The Stone of Ages — a Psionically powerful artifact that exponentially increases her power and introduces her to the Keepers a group of Psionics who have maintained and deployed The Stone since before the dawn of human history.
Finding The Stone does more than juice up Christina’s power, though. It triggers a Keeper revolution: one side bent on using their power to control humanity and the other side resolved to maintain life as it is. As one of only two Psionics with Stone-enhanced power, Christina must choose sides carefully: Join with the rebels and become a god ... or maintain things as they are.

PsiFinder 1
available NOW

PsiFinder 2
available NOW

PsiFinder 3
coming in 2017

future Novels of the Keepers . . .  Annie

Sydney Chambers:

In the dying days of the Terran Confederacy

"...shows the development of a tough and decisive lady. An Officer that any military personnel would follow to hell and back without any qualms."
- Lowell Morrison

The Terran Confederacy: The shining jewel of humanity’s achievement, a joining together of fifty star systems for the common good of all. A golden apple, wonderful to behold, but rotten and wormy at its core ... inexorably sliding, even careening, toward civil war.
Rotten it may be, but the men and women of the Terran Space Military are bound to defend their nation with no less vigor, no less passion, than if the Confederacy were shiny and new. More than that, TSM’s finest face the daily challenge of making the Confederacy continue to work ... no easy task in the face of space pirates and bureaucrats who are little more than pirates.
Sydney Chambers is one of TSM’s brightest stars and greatest hopes, despite being effectively banished to the poor frontier system 16 Cygni. Yet fate is fickle: Banishment to the hinterlands may have put Sydney in the exact spot where History needs its greatest hope.

the CONFEDERACY novels

First Officer
Military Attaché

(Available NOW)

Future CONFEDERACY novels:

Station Senior Officer


the CONFEDERACY novellas

Cadet Midshipwoman
(Available NOW)

Future CONFEDERACY novellas:

Junior Officer

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http://www.portaltotheuniverse.org - the latest news in Astronomy

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